Modernizm is my own personal zine dedicated to art. On this blog you will also find posts about other zines, zine related articles, reviews and Zine Fest Houston. Please enjoy. If you have comments or questions, email me (Stacy) at
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Zine Fest Houston 2014 Programming

2:30-3:30pm Independent Magazines
Moderated by Hank Hancock featuring Raspa Magazine, Snapshot Magazine, Sugar and Rice and Vagina: The Zine

4:00-4:30pm Grant Workshop with Hank Hancock
Information on how to support your zine with grant funding!

5:00-6:00pm Ladies in Local Comics
Moderated by Meredith Nudo featuring María-Elisa Heg, Jessi Jordan and Sarah Welch

6:30-7:30pm Radical Zines and The Radical Zine Experience
Moderated by Maggie and Rob Block featuring Lena and Cecelia of Houston Anarchist Black Cross and Flyover Distro, Alex Wrekk of Stolen Sharpie Revolution, Portland Button Works and Brainscan, and Marie Brignac, writer and organizer with Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement and Houston Anarchist Black Cross



hey y’all, i’m tryin to start a zine library/distro type thing and if anyone wants to donate zines/music (especially diy music/local music) you should let me know! i will make a more official post later when i have a computer/internet again but just in case anyone is itchin’ to help i wanted to throw this out there. feel free to message me on tumblr or email me at & thanks!

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Volunteers for Zine Fest Houston

We are STILL in need of a few volunteers the day of Zine Fest! Please see below for shift times/jobs and send us an email at if you would like to volunteer.

Saturday, October 4 starting at 12:15pm
Decorating at The Summit (3536 Navigation) for Zine Prom

The following volunteer jobs are all at The Printing Museum.

Saturday, October 4 from 2-5pm
1 Museum Gift Shop volunteer
2 Floater volunteers

Saturday, October 4 from 5-8pm
1 Info/Raffle table volunteer
1 Museum Gift Shop volunteer
2 Floater volunteers

Saturday, October 4 from 8-9pm
Clean up/Break down

ZFH 2014 Interview #14: Morriss and Lulu

Today’s interview features Morriss And Lulu, two best friends with a passion for crafting and who put out their first zines for ZFH! Read their beautifully formatted interview to find out about their “accidental” introduction to zines and ZFH! Thanks y’all!

(we advise you view the image at full size!)

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Map and tabler list for this year’s Zine Fest Houston!  I’ll be at Table 12A, but mostly running around and not being at my table actually, helping take care of ALL THE THINGS!