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Project Row Houses

Yesterday I stopped by Project Row Houses to view their latest exhibit, Round 36.  I’m really glad I did because there was a house which had been transformed into a pop-up bookstore by writer John Pluecker.  The installation is called Antena Books: Pop-Up Bookstore and Literary Experimentation Lab/Libros Antena: Librería temporal y Laboratorio de experimentación literaria and it will be up through June 24, 2012.  Here’s more information from the PRH website about the bookstore and the artist:

From March 31 – June 24, writer John Pluecker will transform the shotgun row house at 2515 Holman St. into Antena Books/Libros Antena, a bilingual bookstore, reading room and experimentation lab. Pluecker will be present in the space Wednesdays through Sundays from 12 pm-5 pm, and will host a series of activities open to the public, including a weekly Read/Write club. In addition to featuring books from small presses across the Americas (particularly the U.S. and Mexico), Antena will have chairs available for sitting; books, chapbooks and small magazines available for reading; and typewriters available for writing. By making 2515 Holman St. a hub of experimental writing, Pluecker’s intention is to foster multilingual dialogue in literary community-making among Third Ward residents and other visitors.

John Pluecker is a writer, interpreter, educator, and translator. Both on and off the page, his interdisciplinary art practice is driven by radical aesthetics, experimental poetics and cross-border cultural production. There are two chapbooks of his work, Routes into Texas (DIY, 2010) and Undone (Dusie Kollektiv, 2011). A third chapbook, Killing Current, will be published by Mouthfeel Press in 2012. He lives and works in Houston.

Check it out while and see if you can find some issues of Modernizm somewhere on the display shelf… :)