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Raspa Magazine

This year’s Zine Fest featured a greater variety of tablers than previous years and one of those was Raspa Magazine, based out of Austin, Texas.  Cesar Ramos, editor of the zine writes that, “Raspa is a response to the paucity of queer Latino literature readily available to readers.  It is a biannual queer Latino literary magazine that focuses on the Latino perspective.  I believe that given our current political climate, a publication that highlights marginalized voices is essential in helping uplift our community.  Raspa intends to showcase the experience of queer Latino artists, thereby providing a better understanding for ourselves as peers and for those outside of our community.”

I could not have explained it better if I tried.  The zine’s first issue features mostly poetry and artwork as well (ink and watercolor on digital prints).  I had a chance to read through the zine last night and the poetry was really wonderful. 

If you have any questions regarding submissions, subscriptions or general comments, you can contact Raspa at, or visit their website for more information on featured work and upcoming projects.